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Frisch's Tartar Sauce 3-Pack

Frisch's Tartar Sauce 3-Pack



3 Jars
Frisch's Tarter Sauce

Frisch's Original Tartar Sauce is an Ohio tradition and beloved by Buckeyes near and far. A natural addition to your fish fry, or slather it on your next double-decker burger for that hometown classic. This pack contains three 16-oz jars. (Sauce contains eggs and soybean oil.)



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Aug 17th 2023
Verified Purchase

I lived in Ohio until moving to Missouri in 1971. One of the things I still miss is Frisch's Big Boy. The best I can do is use this tartar sauce on my own burger. I ordered three jars and have already gone through half of the first one! Good delivery time, and wonderful tartar sauce! Thank you!

- Connie

Dorothy Lane Market says:

Thank you for all your kind words Connie❤ 

We are so happy to be able to bring a taste from Ohio to you in Missouri😊

Mar 22nd 2022
Verified Purchase

I’m in heaven! Thank you!!!

- Peggy

Dorothy Lane Market says:

Thank you Peggy for the order and review! 

Jan 22nd 2022
Verified Purchase

- Lauren

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