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Fishwife Slow Smoked Mackerel with Chili Flakes

Fishwife Slow Smoked Mackerel with Chili Flakes



3.7 oz
Spice Up Your Seafood with Slow Smoked Mackerel

Spice up your seafood with slow smoked mackerel. Indulge in the smoky, savory goodness of Fishwife Tinned Seafood Company's Slow Smoked Mackerel! This gourmet treat boasts a perfect balance of textures - caramelized and crispy on the outside, melt-in-your-mouth tender on the inside. This Smoked Mackerel is hand-cut, sweet cured, and slow-smoked over natural wood for unmatched depth. Fishwife then infuses it with crushed chilis and garlic, creating a savory, rich flavor with a delightful kick.


Become a tinned fish believer with Fishwife's amazing tinned fish.

  • Packed with Goodness: This protein powerhouse is a natural source of vitamin D and Omega-3s (2471mg per serving!).
  • Sustainable Choice: Responsibly wild-caught by family-owned boats in the Northeast Atlantic during peak mackerel season.
  • Safe Packaging: Cans are BPA-free for your peace of mind.

Enjoy it straight from the can, on toast, or incorporated into your favorite recipes!

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