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Fiscalini Purple Moon Cheddar Cheese

Fiscalini Purple Moon Cheddar Cheese



6 oz
From the Fiscalini Farmstead

Fiscalini Purple Moon Cheddar is truly one-of-a-kind and often described as the perfect wine and cheese pair. To create this uniquely colored and flavorful cheese, they begin with their classic farmhouse Cheddar and soak it in a locally produced California red wine. The outer layer turns an enchanting purple, reminiscent of a lively wine cellar. This semi-hard cheese is made from pasteurized cows' milk.

Fiscalini Farmstead is located in Modesto, California, and is owned and operated by the fourth-generation Fiscalini family.



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May 1st 2022
Verified Purchase

- Melody

Jan 21st 2022
Verified Purchase

Great and a fun color for a party plate

- Sharon

Dorothy Lane Market says:

Great idea for the party plate! Thanks for the order. 

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