European Picnic Cheese and Charcuterie

European Picnic Cheese and Charcuterie



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The Perfect Picnic

This gift box combines our favorite things: Cheese, Chocolate and dried chorizo, all from Europe. The Europeans teach us how to express our love and generosity through good food. Please enjoy this carefully curated selection of delicacies!
Sending your love couldn't be easier with this gift box. It serves 2-4 people. Check out our Cocktail mixers in our syrup section to complete the special occasion! It is recommended that it arrive within two days from shipping date.


Fermin Iberico Mild Pork Dry-Cured Chorizo Sausage is made with meat from the black hoofed pig in Southwest Spain. This breed provides unsurpassed taste and quality meat. It is gluten free, lactose free and free of nitrates or nitrites. The rich red color is from fragrant spices, but this mild version is not spicy.
Westminster Rustic Red Cheddar: Is described as sweet and nutty with caramelized notes combined with a little savory bite. This cheese happened by mistake, but has taken the cheese world by storm. It is a staff pick here at DLM.  (May be substituted with Barber's English Cheddar, it's close cousin)
St. Angel Brie Cheese: Is like butter but better. It's luxurious texture will delight all the senses. It is ripened in the shape of a square and cut into triangles, making it's presentation unique and it's texture consistent throughout. This is one of the most exceptional brie's of France for it's delicate tang and velvety creaminess.  (May be substituted with Fromager d'Affinois Triple Cream Brie.)
Nubake Phyllo Crisps: Are a sweet phyllo pastry sheet topped with apricots, oats, and pumpkin and sunflower seeds.
Les Comtes de Provence Apricot Spread: Les Comtes de Provence Jams are made in Provence, France, with expertise inherited from ancient jam recipes. These jams are 65% fruit and light in cane sugar, cooked in traditional Provencial pots.
Divina Feta Stuffed Olives: Divina Feta Cheese Stuffed Halkidiki Olives from Greece are a rich and creamy treat. They're hand picked, patiently cured for months, and hand-stuffed with creamy feta cheese. We may have to send a different Divina Stuffed olive depending on availability
Milkboy Milk Chocolate Bar: And Finally, the best part! Milkboy Switzerland Alpine Milk Chocolate combines famous Swiss milk with the finest-quality cocoa beans from some of the world's best and most sustainable sources. The Milkboy brand dates back over 100 years to a small dairy in the Swiss Alps where the best Swiss milk originates.

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