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Enzo's Table Traditional Almond Biscotti

Enzo's Table Traditional Almond Biscotti



8 oz
A True Culinary Delight

Traditional Italian Biscotti vary from region to region in Italy. Twice baked, hand rolled, made with freshly roasted estate grown California almonds blended with rich vanilla, Enzo's Table Traditional Almond Biscotti is subtly sweet, nut-filled, crunchy, and layered with flavor. Dunk in coffee, espresso, and wine for maximum enjoyment!


Taking a look behind the scenes at Enzo’s Table, you’ll find folks who are passionate about sharing the bountiful harvest of California’s San Joaquin Valley. From fruits and nuts to handcrafted pesto and jam, they pour their hearts into all of their endeavors. We’re proud to carry a variety of their products, including Enzo’s Table Biscotti. This biscotti is hand-rolled with premium ingredients, and then twice-baked to achieve the classic biscotti crunch. Whether you choose to enjoy these cookies dunked in coffee, espresso, or alongside a glass of wine, you’re sure to love their selection.

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