Enzo Organic Apple Balsamic Vinegar

Enzo Organic Apple Balsamic Vinegar



250 ml
About This Item

Enzo Organic Apple Balsamic Vinegar is crafted in the Old World-style with time-honored traditions and techniques to bring us this unique delicacy. They combine handcrafted, barrel-aged balsamic vinegar of Modena, Italy, with Trentino apples. We suggest enjoying it with DLM Rustic Country Bread, aged cheeses, and goat cheese, or drizzled over fresh salads, grilled fruit, and vegetables.


Making Sense of Balsamic Vinegar

With so many producers and styles of balsamic vinegar available, it can be hard to distinguish what you're looking for. Immerse yourself in the world of balsamic and learn what makes each type special.

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