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Deer Creek The Blue Jay - 1/3 lb

Deer Creek The Blue Jay - 1/3 lb



1/3 lb wedge
Juniper Berry Infused Quintuple Crème Blue

Made using a recipe in which five ten-gallon cans of cream are added to each vat, The Blue Jay is rich in texture with strong buttery notes.  Crushed juniper berries are added to release their perfume and infuse them throughout as a complement to the Blue strain’s unique botanical essence. The result is a bold, yet utterly creamy Blue with a delicately piney bouquet that blooms in your mouth. While The Blue Jay is wonderful with any of our suggested pairings, try it melted on a New York Strip for a truly decadent experience.  (Add on our:  DLM Prime New York Strip Steaks)

  • Soft Pairings: Honey Green Tea, Warm Apple Cider
  • Beer: Stout, Belgian Style Triple Ale
  • Wines: Pinot Noir, Red Zinfandel, Sparkling Wine, Dessert Wine
  • Hard Pairings: Gin Martini with Blue Jay Stuffed Olive, Brandy, Port
  • Nibblies: Grilled Steak, Venison, Crusty Bread, Apricots, Dates, Pears, Water Crackers

  • 2021Gold – International Cheese Awards  Branded Retail Prepack Flexible Packaging
  • 2019  3rd Place – American Cheese Society
  • 2018  Gold, Blue Veined – L.A. International Dairy Competition
  • 2017 Silver, Best Label Design – International Cheese Awards

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