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DLM's The Big Cookie 4 ct

DLM's The Big Cookie 4 ct



4 cookies
Big Cookie, Giant Flavor

Now you can savor The Big Cookie near or far! Freshly baked until the edges become crispy while the inside remains soft and gooey, this sweet treat is studded with toasted walnuts and rich chocolate chunks. Inspired by the cookies at the famous Levain Bakery in New York.


Our quest for the perfect chocolate chip cookie has been a noble one. After launching The Big Cookie several years ago at the DLM Coffee Bar, we decided to take a moment and ask ourselves: How can we make it better? 

After lots of taste testing (and cookies), the answer was clear—more chocolate! In fact, technically speaking, half the weight of each cookie is chocolate. It's with great pleasure that we re-introduce The Big Cookie, which we are sure will be a fan favorite. It's best served warm like all great chocolate chip cookies and features a gooey inside with a perfectly baked outside. 


Average Customer Rating:

Oct 29th 2022
Verified Purchase

Please note that this item is not something intended for my consumption. I’ve been shopping at DLM since 1989 and without exception, all my purchases were delicious. Mary Ann regularly purchases your 12-pack of cookies so I knew the Big Cookie would be consumed eagerly by my Brother’s family. As it was!

- Robert (Springboro, OH)

Dorothy Lane Market says:

Glad to hear that. Thank you Robert!

Oct 28th 2022
Verified Purchase

- Charlotte (Dayton, OH)

Oct 28th 2022
Verified Purchase

Very good

- Johnny

Oct 28th 2022
Verified Purchase


- Marie (Dayton, OH)

Aug 14th 2022
Verified Purchase

Cookie was yummy, but there was too much salt on it. I know some people like that, but I would've preferred no salt at all, since it was distracting from the rest of the cookie.

- Kathie (Bronx, NY)

Dorothy Lane Market says:

Thank you Kathie for the feedback! We appreciate it and will past it along. 

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