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DLM Grilling and Seasoning Rub

DLM Grilling and Seasoning Rub



7.5 oz
Step Up Your Grilling Game

Add an exciting pop of flavor to a variety of dishes with our DLM Grilling and Seasoning Rub! A well-balanced blend of spices and seasonings, this all-purpose rub is delicious on beef, pork, poultry, fish, and veggies.

New look: We pack our famous grilling seasoning  in a convenient container adorned with a shakable top.  



Average Customer Rating:

Apr 5th
Verified Purchase

It is excellent! I use it on all meats and many of my roasted vegetables!!

- Gretchen

Feb 15th
Verified Purchase

One of the best meat rubs we have ever eaten!

- Kathy

Aug 23rd 2023
Verified Purchase

- Larry

May 26th 2023
Verified Purchase

Some of the best grilling spices ever. It’s great on steaks, burgers and pork.

- Gina

Dorothy Lane Market says:

Thanks for all your support Gina! ❤

Apr 24th 2023
Verified Purchase

- kathy

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