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DLM Classic Gingerbread Coffee Cake

DLM Classic Gingerbread Coffee Cake



17.6 oz
A Warming Seasonal Classic

With a swirl of cinnamon, a hint of molasses, and that warming European-style butter, our new DLM Classic Gingerbread Coffee Cake is just the touch of whimsy that makes a cold winter morning magical. Even more so when you enjoy alongside your favorite coffee or tea.

Our DLM Pâtisserie chefs bake all of our DLM Classic Coffee Cakes in Bundt pans to a perfectly caramelized crust with a moist, dense interior. The results speak for themselves with the best coffee cake, boasting with gingerbread flavor with this variation. Enjoy this seasonal addition while it's here!


The Making of Our DLM Classic Coffee Cakes

Made Right Here is a mindsight here at DLM, so when it came to crafting our line of DLM Classic Coffee Cakes, our Pâtisserie chefs honed in on quality, simple ingredients and classic techniques to bring to life an exceptional line of Coffee Cakes.

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Average Customer Rating:

Oct 6th 2023
Verified Purchase

Delicious! Very grateful responses from my gifts to neighbors.

- Gale

Dec 26th 2022
Verified Purchase

Excellent.great taste!


Jan 18th 2022
Verified Purchase

Loved this cake, just wish I could have tasted a little more ginger/molasses.

- Desiree

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