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DLM Double Chocolate Classic Coffee Cake

DLM Double Chocolate Classic Coffee Cake



17.6 oz
A DLM Difference: DLM Classic Coffee Cakes

Our coffee cakes are made with high fat European-style butter in the classic Bundt-shape with a perfectly browned, caramelized exterior and a moist, dense interior. No trans fats, which are so common in most coffee cakes today. To make the Classic Double Chocolate Coffee Cake, our pastry chefs swirl in generous amounts of cocoa and chocolate chunks for a rich chocolate flavor. These make a perfect gift on their own, but are even more special with one of our offered teas or coffees.

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The Making of Our DLM Classic Coffee Cakes

Made Right Here is a mindsight here at DLM, so when it came to crafting our line of DLM Classic Coffee Cakes, our Pâtisserie chefs honed in on quality, simple ingredients and classic techniques to bring to life an exceptional line of Coffee Cakes.

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