Congrats, You Did It!

Everyone likes a pat on the back for a job well done. The perfect way to celebrate life's accomplishments is with a Sugarfina Congrats Bento Box and Killer Brownie® Confetti 5-ct Bars.

We have so much goodness to celebrate in our lives whether it's graduation, a new baby, a new job, an engagement, new house, or passing a big exam. This is a great way to recognize it!


Sugarfina 2-pc Congrats Bento Box: Say "Congrats" with an extra touch of sweetness when you gift them a Sugarfina Candy Bento Box with two bestselling candies inside. Perfect for graduations, work accomplishments, and more! Rainbow Bears: colorful mama and baby bears infused with natural fruit flavors of apple, peach, pineapple, grapefruit, & blueberry. Sparkle Pops: crunchy milk chocolates are filled with popping candy for a big burst of sparkle and pop.

Killer Brownie® Confetti 5-ct Bars: This blonde brownie is layered with oozing caramel, white chocolate chips, and a custom blend of colorful sprinkles. It's a celebration for your taste buds! This pack contains 5 Confetti Brownie Bars.

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