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Choose Your Own Artisan Brownie Box

Choose Your Own Artisan Brownie Box



18 Brownies

Please choose:

    Artisan Brownie Flavors - 6 ct per selection

  • Chocolatier (6 ct)

    Killer Brownie® Chocolatier Artisan Brownies features rich, clean ingredients, including Ghirardelli Milk Chocolate Chips. These brownies feature a soft, moist texture and a thin crackle top. The perfect choice for sharing at your next corporate event or family get-together

  • Brookie (6 ct)

    These full-sized Killer Brownie® Brookie Artisan Brownies are crafted with golden chocolate chip cookie dough baked with moist fudge brownie with extra chocolate chips inside. They're beautifully packaged and perfect for sharing at your next corporate or family event.

  • Kitchen Sink (6 ct)

    This is a best seller of the Artisan Brownie Collection for a reason. Rich blonde brownie, mixed with rainbow sprinkles and topped with M&M's® and mini chocolate chips, is baked atop a decadent fudge brownie. It is sure to satisfy any cravings.

Choose Your Own Brownie Box

The choice is yours! Choose between three different flavors of individually wrapped Killer Brownie® Artisan Brownies for a total of 18 brownies in this delectable gift. Sure to be a crowd pleaser, select the perfect combination of Chocolatier, Brookie, and Kitchen Sink Brownies.  

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