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Champignon Grand Noir 1/3 lb

Champignon Grand Noir 1/3 lb



1/3 lb
A Cheese Dressed to Impress

Champignon Grand Noir is a delicious choice for the true blue cheese connoisseur. Hand-dipped in black wax and cold-ripened, the resulting cheese is creamy in texture with bold blue striations streaked throughout. This artisan cheese is exquisite on it's own, but truly shines paired with a bold red wine or Champagne.


The secret to Grand Noir’s distinction, according to Flynne Wiley, Director of Administration and Marketing for Champignon North America, is the quality of the milk and the careful affinage of the cheese. “Grand Noir is made using fresh milk from regional farms in southern Germany. Each wheel is hand-dipped in black wax and then cold-ripened. The results are Grand Noir, which is distinctive in its flavor, texture, and look, as the only blue-veined cheese aged in black wax.


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Jan 12th
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Raves from the receiver!

- Stacey

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That is fantastic! Thank you Stacey for the order.

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