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Casa Stivalet Banana Vinegar

Casa Stivalet Banana Vinegar



12.3 oz
A Luxurious Vinegar From Mexico

You don't come across something as wonderful as this every day! Imported from the the beautiful state of Veracruz, Mexico, Casa Stivalet Banana Vinegar is crafted using fermented platano machos, a type of fruit whose flavor falls somewhere between a traditional banana and plantain. This condiment is mild and fruity making it the perfect choice for creating salad dressings, adding to ceviche, or topping soup. 


"The word addicted gets thrown around far too much when discussing food, but I will say that I’ve grown extremely fond of this vinegar’s fermented, funky flavor — like a supercharged version of ripe bananas. It’s smooth enough that you can take a sip straight from the bottle, but it’s best for cooking", says Grub Street's Chris Crowley. 

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