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Burlap & Barrel Spice Bundle

Burlap & Barrel Spice Bundle



Spice things up with Burlap & Barrel

Bundle and Save! Buy this bundle with four of the most exceptional single origin sourced spices and elevate your pantry to the next level. With more of us cooking at home, these spices will evoke the inner chef. The smells and aromas of the spices are exotic and curious, a chef's aromatherapy. You will be searching your cookbooks and favorite cooking shows for excuses to use these incredible spices. Burlap & Barrel partners directly with small farmers to source spices that have never been available in the US before and help improve the livelihoods of the farmers.  Recently seen on Shark Tank.  

Treat yourself or that foodie in your life to a spice refresh. Some experts suggest that spices should be replaced every year to ensure freshness.  


Burlap & Barrel Black Urfa Chili: Flavor profile or raisin, espresso, chocolate, and dried fruit that's great on kebabs, chicken, beef, lamb, hummus, brownies, pasta, roasted vegetables, or eggs.

Burlap & Barrel Smoked Pimentón Paprika: We suggest using this on popcorn, in paella, mixed with salt and cumin as a meat seasoning or rub, or any way you traditionally enjoy paprika.

Burlap & Barrel Wild Mountain Cumin: It has a savory, penetrating flavor and aroma reminiscent of grilled meats and sweet caramelized onions.

Burlap & Barrel Royal Cinnamon: Royal Cinnamon is an heirloom variety not widely harvested or exported with sweet and spicy profile and tasting notes of brown butter, buckwheat honey, and orange peel.

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