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Buckeye Blitz



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Turn It Into a Buckeye Blitz

This gift box will put you in the spirit to route on your favorite team (especially our Buckeyes!)  Luscious peanut butter fudge paired with decadent chocolate, it's no wonder the Buckeye is an Ohio classic. We love this flavor combination so much we've put together a gift showcasing some of our favorite peanut butter and chocolate treats, including Killer Brownie® Peanut Butter Signature Brownies, DLM's gourmet Buckeyes and HK Anderson Peanut Butter filled Pretzels as well as Esther Price foiled footballs.


Peanut Butter Signature Killer Brownie® (2): We include 2 individually wrapped peanut butter Killer Brownies.  The creamiest peanut butter is snuggled with melt-in-your-mouth caramel, between layers of our Belgian chocolate brownies that are folded with salty roasted peanuts.

Buckeyes (4-ct): Decadent, creamy peanut butter fudge enrobed in rich chocolate. These buckeyes are gluten free and a top-of-the-line confection that shout "O-H-I-O" with each bite.

HK Anderson Peanut Butter Pretzels: These addictive peanut butter filled pretzels will last all game long to get through the excitement of a good game.  The salty pretzel exterior and creamy sweet peanut butter filling are the ultimate game day snack.

Esther Price Foiled Chocolate Footballs:  Enjoy the rich classic chocolate flavor from Dayton's iconic Esther Price Candies.  Perfectly poppable all game long.



Average Customer Rating:

Sep 12th 2022
Verified Purchase

The most delicious brownies we have ever had, I cannot say enough good things about them! Actually everything in the Buckeye Blitz was delicious, but the brownies......they were the topper!

- Joseph

Dorothy Lane Market says:

Wow, thank you so much Joseph. We really appreciate the order and  you taking the time to let us know you enjoyed the brownies as much as we do!

Sep 10th 2022
Verified Purchase

- Calvin (Springboro, OH)

Sep 10th 2022
Verified Purchase

Delicious! Perfect amount of all the treats.

- Anne

Dorothy Lane Market says:

Thank you Anne! That makes us so happy to hear. 

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