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Boston Stoker Highlander Grogg - 5-lb Bag

Boston Stoker Highlander Grogg - 5-lb Bag



5 LB
About This Item

Caramel and nut flavors with a touch of Scotch whisky, this coffee will take you back to the Scottish Highlands. One of their most popular flavors! Our friends Don and Henry Dean of Boston Stoker have been coffee roasters since the early 1980s. Their passion is evident every time you savor a cup of this wonderful coffee. They take great pride in directly sourcing their beans from around the world and building relationships with the farmers. DLM serves Boston Stoker Coffees exclusively in our Coffee Bars, and Highlander Grogg is one of our top sellers and favorites in Dayton.

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Average Customer Rating:

May 30th
Verified Purchase

Great. Free shipping every once in while would be attractive. We probably will not order again without free shipping....

- Mark

Dorothy Lane Market says:

Thank you Mark for you order 😊 We do have a special right now. If you spend $75.00 you can recieve free shipping with the code: freeship75 until June 12th 2023

Apr 15th
Verified Purchase

Best coffee ever

- David

Apr 13th
Verified Purchase

Our favorite coffee!

- Annie

Apr 6th
Verified Purchase

Love being able to ship our favorite coffee to NC !

- Mark

Mar 29th
Verified Purchase

This is my favorite coffee. I've tried Grogg from other places, but DLM has the best flavor hands-down. I have mine shipped to me because there is not a DLM where I live, and it always arrives within a few days, even with standard, out of state, shipping.

- Heather

Dorothy Lane Market says:

Thank you so much for your kind words❤ We are very grateful for all your support Heather! 

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