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Boston Stoker Hacienda La Minita

Boston Stoker Hacienda La Minita



12 oz
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Bright, balanced, and savory, La Minita comes directly from a direct-trade farmer in Costa Rica. A medium body and acidity level, it's a lighter roast with notes of lemon, citrus, chocolate, and sugar cane. Our friend Henry Dean of Boston Stoker has been a coffee roaster for over 25 years, and his passion is evident every time you savor a cup of this wonderful coffee.


In order to achieve this consistency, the last step in their process is the hand sorting tables. Here is where employees of the farm, or sorters, scan every bean. They are looking for discoloration or damaged beans, not separated by machines. A top sorter can evaluate up to 50 pounds of coffee beans a day!

Meet Some of Our Coffee Roasting Friends

Meet Some of Our Coffee Roasting Friends

With so many coffee roasters crafting superb blends and premium coffees, we wanted to highlight some of the coffee roasters we're proud to carry.

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