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Aperitivo Gift Box

Aperitivo Gift Box

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Fizz & Friends: The Virgin Mixer Collection

Transport yourself to the heart of Venice with our La Dolce Vita Aperitivo Box! Uncork the secrets of the iconic Italian tradition with this curated selection of gourmet treats. Savor the legendary taste of Harry's Bar with the original Cipriani Bellini Mixer, perfect for crafting the refreshing peach cocktail that stole hearts worldwide. Top off the Bellini Mixer with a splash of refreshing Florentina Organic Virgin Sparkling Spritz. Alongside these staples, discover a delightful assortment of Italian Taralli Snacks and DLM Jumbo Premium Mixed Nuts. It's everything you need to create a sophisticated and delightful aperitivo hour right at home, minus the alcohol. The celebration starts here with delicious non-alcoholic options.

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The Cipriani Virgin Bellini presents a reimagined rendition of the famed cocktail, now offered in a non-alcoholic version of refined elegance. Honoring the house's tradition of quality, the Cipriani Virgin Bellini embodies an excellent blend of flavors reminiscent of the classic Bellini, providing a sophisticated alcohol-free experience. Its base consists of high-quality ingredients, combining white peach purèe with mineral water to deliver a unique and refreshing taste.

Florentina Organic Sparkling Spritz: The palate is aromatic, vibrant, slightly bitter, and slightly sweet. The tart but generous taste of orange peel combines with hints of spices and vanilla for a healthy balance between sweetness and bitterness. The nose reveals aromas of bitter orange zest and spices. A beautiful light pink color along with delicate yet persistent bubbles elevate this uniquely delectable refresher. 

Danielli Taralli: Danieli Traditional Taralli from Italy are ring-shaped crackers crafted using Italian extra-virgin olive oil. This gives these Italian crackers a crispy, crunchy texture and rich olive oil flavor that's perfect for snacking alongside sliced salumi, olives, and a glass of wine.

DLM Jumbo Premium Mixed Nuts are an elite mixture of cashews, pecans, almonds, pistachios, and macadamias. The family who packs them for us roasts them to peak flavor and adds just the right amount of salt. Because they are so fresh, irresistible, and tasty, you can feel good about giving them as gifts, or snack away to your heart's content!

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