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Amenity and Hospitality Gift Package

Amenity and Hospitality Gift Package



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Show hospitality with this Amenity Gift Package

This curated collection of treats makes for the perfect amenity gift for clients, interviewees, associates, or guests in from out of town. Make them feel right at home and their stay that much more memorable with this gourmet food gift. From breakfast to sweet and salty snacking, this package has it all. In addition to being a top choice for your out-of-town guests, this is also a premium pick for long virtual meetings to help keep the team engaged.

This is the perfect solution for recruiters.  These items are shelf stable so you can feel free to ship them to the hotel ahead of your out-of-town interviewees.  


This Gift Box Includes:

  • 1 Killer Brownie® Blueberry Oatmeal Crumble Breakfast Blondie 
  • 2 Rishi Tea Sachets (one herbal and one caffeinated)
  • 1 Triple Chocolate Killer Brownie® 
  • Individually wrapped Rustic Bakery Sourdough Crackers 
  • 2 Justin's Gourmet Nut Butters Packets
  • 1 individually sized nut and fruit snack pack (Chukar Cherries)  

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