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18 Chestnuts Soup Sampler

18 Chestnuts Soup Sampler



3 Soups

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A Spoonful of Comfort

18 Chestnuts Soups are plant-based, gluten- and dairy-free, low-glycemic, and made with 100% natural ingredients. In addition, all soups are blended for easier digestion and a comforting experience. Whether you’re too busy to cook, want a healthier option, or simply love soup, we’ll deliver gourmet plant-based soups to your door. These soups are rich and decadent, you will not miss the dairy. Please enjoy 3 delicious flavors: Red Pepper Pomodoro, Butternut Squash Pear, and Carrot Ginger Dill.


18 Chestnuts Butternut Squash Pear Soup: Hearty and flavorful butternut squash is combined with the complex taste of fennel to create the base for this delicate but satisfying soup. Ripe pears add richness and flavor to every spoonful. This Butternut Squash and Pear Soup is packed with vitamins A and C for immune support, as well as fiber and folate for optimal digestion. This stunner of a soup will leave you satisfied! 110 calories per serving. Servings: 2.

18 Chestnuts Carrot Ginger Dill Soup: The vibrant orange of carrot combined with hints of dill and ginger create an unforgettable spoonful of our Carrot Ginger Dill soup! The warmth of these beautifully blended flavors lingers in the mouth after each spoonful, reminding you to savor every sip. 70 calories per serving. Servings: 2.

18 Chestnuts Red Pepper Pomodoro Soup (AKA Tuscan Tomato): This warming tomato soup is robustly flavorful with a silky-smooth profile.  With every spoonful, you'll taste sun-ripened vine tomatoes, fire-roasted sweet red peppers, and a hint of bright fresh basil. Tomatoes are an incredible source of the nutrient called lycopene, known for reducing the risk of heart disease and cancer. Fortified with vitamin C and potassium, this tomato soup relies solely on the abundant sweetness of fresh vegetables, serving only the nutrients that your body needs. 70 calories per serving. Servings: 2.

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