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Holiday Pear

The Gem of the Season

The Holiday Pear is here! With its sweet, buttery, creamy texture, it's easy to understand why we are so excited for its arrival each year. This regal Comice pear, which originated in France, is grown for us in Hood River Valley, Oregon, where the growing conditions are pearfect!

Holiday pear

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Savor a culinary treasure this holiday with a Holiday Pear Gift Box! Featuring a selection of the juiciest, most luscious pears around, this gift is perfect for everyone on your list!

DLM Holiday Pear

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Place an order through our catering service and pick up your gift box from your favorite DLM location.

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A box of holiday pears

Nationwide Delivery

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Have the Holiday Pear delivered to your destination or to loved ones near or far by shipping a box nationwide!

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DLM Holiday Pear

Pear Care

Pear Necessities

As the Holiday Pear ripens, the areas of green skin color will turn a yellow hue. The rule of thumb is to check the neck for ripeness by applying gentle pressure to it with your thumb. If it gives slightly, it’s ready! Only once ripeness is determined should you refrigerate if you want to extend that peak taste for a few taste. The Holiday Pear is delicate, so handle with care!

Holiday Pearings

How do you best savor the sweetest, creamiest, most luscious of pears? Slice it, bite it, or spoon it out. Or, try one of our pearing suggestions!

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