Self-Care Saturday by DLM Healthy Living

Self-Care Saturday

A free virtual symposium
focused on tapping into your best self.

April 23 • 10 a.m.-3:30 p.m. • via

Back by popular demand, we're delighted to invite you to attend our second Self-Care Saturday virtual event. Self-care remains just as crucial as it was when we started this event last year and our Healthy Living managers have lined up an incredible group of speakers on the topic.

Tune in for the entire event and chat questions live, or pop in at your convenience. The beauty is that you can attend this free virtual health symposium however long you want from the comfort of your home.

About This Event

First, we'll focus on caring for our bodies with supplements, controlling seasonal allergies, and modifying our skin care routine as seasons change. Then, we'll focus on managing stress and boosting energy naturally followed by an energizing movement session. We'll conclude with our keynote featuring Nutrition Educator Lori Kelch. She'll break down the hot topic of gut health, how our lifestyles influence it, and how we can start practicing gut health self-care. Tune in via to join us!

Event Schedule



What is Truly Important?

By Jason Hunolt, herbalist/True Grace

With a motto of "healthy people and a healthy planet," Jason will discuss how their award-winning probiotics and vitamins accomplish that.



​​Let's Get Glowing!

By Tammy Ball, esthetician/Acure

Shed that dry, winter skin with some important tips and tricks so you can get glowing for spring!



Get Control of Seasonal Allergies

By Dr. Jason DuBois, founder/Hybrid Remedies

Spring brings seasonal allergies for many of us, so find out how to get them under control ... naturally.



Age-Reversing the Natural Way

By Bob Root and Wendy Steele, founders/Keys Skin Care

The turning of seasons means more time in the sun. How do you protect your skin from harmful UV rays and achieve younger-looking skin without chemicals?

Short break from noon - 12:15



Cooking Demonstration

By Lori Kelch, nutrition educator/DLM

Lori will share a No Bake Edible Cookie Dough Log recipe that's actually good for you, thanks to the probiotics in Nuzest Digestive Support Protein Powder.



Manage Stress With Botanicals

By Mike Goeman, educator/Oregon's Wild Harvest

Tap into natural methods to lower your stress with organic botanicals from Oregon's Wild Harvest.



Feel Young & Vibrant With Essential Amino Acids

By Dr. David Minkoff , MD/LifeWorks Wellness Center

At age 73, Dr. David Minkoff competes in Ironman events while juggling a medical practice. What's his secret? Hint: It has to do with Essential Amino Acids.



​​Empower Yourself!

By Emily Chandler, co-founder/Empowered FITT

Get up and get moving with Emily during this movement session that uses dance fitness to make you feel empowered and confident.




Gut Health Self-Care

By Lori Kelch, nutrition educator/DLM

We all hear the words "gut health," but what does it mean exactly and why is it so important? Lori will walk you through how everything from diet to stress impacts your gut health and why gut health self-care is such an important aspect to our well-being.

In case you missed it! Watch the full event here.

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