Heavenly Ham® - Fully Cooked & Ready To Heat & Serve!

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Heavenly Ham®

Fully Cooked & Ready To Heat & Serve!

Your holiday dinner will be amiss without this centerpiece dish! Crowned No. 1 by the Dayton Daily News, the proof is in the first bite of our honey-glazed, spiral-sliced, and fully cooked Heavenly Ham®, a DLM signature favorite for nearly 40 years! The best part besides that caramelized exterior? Thanks to the slow cure and mild hickory smoking process, it comes fully cooked and ready to heat and serve, adding ease to entertaining.

Dorothy Lane Market Heavenly Ham

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Not only is our famous Heavenly Ham® dressed with our signature glaze of a sweet, rich honey and delicate spices, but it's all sealed in with a high-heat open flame. The result is a rich caramelization that locks in the juices and enhances the natural flavor within. Heavenly Ham® is slowly cured and hickory smoked, making it ready to heat and serve at a moment's notice!

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Choose your store, your desired Heavenly Ham® size, and the date of pick-up from our Meat department for a Heavenly Ham®.

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Enjoy the ultimate centerpiece dish near or far! Ship a Heavenly Ham® to your destination or to your loved ones this holiday. Shipping a large quantity? Our Corporate Gifting Specialists are here to ease the shipping process so that you can send the gift of good food nationwide!

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Embrace Leftovers

Although we offer a range of sizes, Heavenly Ham® is an entrée of which you will never regret having leftovers. In fact, we've carved out a library of recipes to try, including a new European-inspired Heavenly Ham® Croissant Sandwich!

Serving Suggestions

Weight Entrée Name Serving Suggestion
7-9 lb Half Heavenly Ham® Serves 14-18 people
15-17 lb Whole Heavenly Ham® Serves 30-34 people
1 lb Heavenly Ham® Center Slices Serves 2-3 people

When it comes time to choose your Heavenly Ham®, we suggest to plan on ½ to ¾ lbs per person.

Preparation & Serving Tips

Serve at room temperature or heat by placing it, with the foil slightly opened at the top, in a 250°F oven for 45 minutes to 1 hour. If only a few slices are needed, heat them in a skillet for 2–3 minutes.

Carving Tips

For a Heavenly Ham®, use a sharp knife to make a cut lengthwise along the round bone which will release the spiral cut slices. A Whole Heavenly Ham® is already cut in half so you can start serving from the center of the ham.

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