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DLM Peach Party

Happening Through The Month of July, 2023!

Celebrating the Prima® Peach for 20 Years!

We’re taking a stroll down memory lane to where the Peach Party all started. Twenty years ago, José Manzano, retired DLM Produce Director, took a trip to San Joaquin Valley, California. He visited Gerawan Farming where there are hundred of acres of Prima® Peaches growing. José’s trip was eye-opening as he saw significant differences in how these Prima® Peaches are carefully grown, picked, inspected, and packed. Each morning during our Peach Party, we’ll use a refractometer to measure the sugar, or Brix level, which will then be written on a sign. Throughout the month of July, be sure to keep checking back as these peaches will just keep getting sweeter and sweeter!

Why We Love Prima® Peaches

Tree-Ripened to Peachy Perfection

Tree-ripened means these peaches are left on the tree longer and picked at their peak to maximize sweetness (aka a higher Brix). This also results in a superb mouthfeel.

11+ Brix
Brix Level

Brix is a way to measure the innate sweetness. All Peach Party Prima® Peaches have a Brix level of 11 or greater! Check our Brix sign to see what it is today.

Peachy Tips

Leave unripe peaches at room temperature a day or two on the counter or in a paper bag. You can store ripe peaches in the refrigerator. Take out of the fridge one hour before enjoying.

Grown in California

Grown by Gerawan Farming, this orchard uses natural pest control methods and reduced energy practices.

Look for “Ready Today” & “Ready Tomorrow” signs on our VIPeach Party display so you can plan your peach feast accordingly. We recommend that you utilize our Brix signs when picking your peaches.

the Peach Party
VIP Guest List

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Peach Blackberry Bakewell Tart

When we think of our Peach Blackberry Bakewell Tart, the word glamorous comes to mind. Flashing lights and paparazzi flood in to see this showstopping treat. Made of sweet crust filled with blackberry jelly, almond cream, and garnished with slightly caramelized fresh peaches, our Peach Blackberry Bakewell Tart has that A-list attitude!

July Sandwich of the Month: BLPeach

Bring on the glitz and glam with this triple threat sandwich that features juicy Prima® Peaches, DLM Uncured Bacon, and arugula. Piled onto toasted slices of our Farmhouse Bread and finished with a slathering of basil mayo, this sandwich is a star! Available at the Sandwich Station.

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July Naples-Style Pizza of the Month: Peaches & Prosciutto

The Prima® Peach takes center stage in this seasonal favorite! Starring our Made Right Here Naples-Style Pizza dough, olive oil, sliced Prima® Peaches, DLM Handmade Fresh Mozzarella, gorgonzola, thinly sliced prosciutto, and an encore of arugula finished with a balsamic drizzle. Available at DLM Washington Square and Springboro.



Peach Party For Your Kitchen or Grill

Our Peach Party is a great reason to play around in the kitchen. When ripe, the Prima® Peach’s texture is similar to a tomato, so try subbing it in for one of your favorite tomato recipes. Excellent sliced for sandwiches, or plopped on top of warm, toasted DLM Artisan Bread slathered with thick Greek yogurt or ricotta cheese. When grilled or roasted, they add a whole new dimension of savory sweetness to desserts or salads. Pile on the arugula and add some nuts and crumbled goat cheese for an easy summer salad. Or, pair with blue cheese for your next fun cheese plate.


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