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Roasted Hatch Is Unmatched

The “Hatch Hype” as we call it at DLM is coming your way! But the hype is only as good as the product, and that story has been over a hundred years in the making. These beautiful green chiles are grown in Hatch, New Mexico. We love the smoky heat of roasted Hatch Chiles so much, it's become an annual tradition to pull out our open-flame roaster to truly unleash their flavor!

Why We ❤ Hatch

New Mexico
Desert Grown

Hatch Chiles are named after the original growing area in Hatch Valley, New Mexico.

The Sun
Perfect Conditions

The intense sunlight and cool nights in the valley result in a uniquely flavored chile

Dry Heat

Hatch Chiles are a distant parent to the Anaheim chile with a meaty flesh and mild to medium-hot heat.

Superb for Recipes

We’ve caught the Hatch Hype and are integrating Hatch Chiles into recipes throughout our stores this month. Look for the Hatch Hype logo on signs as you shop!

Add to anything
Add a Little Hatch to This and That

Add Hatch Chiles for free to any Jack’s Grill order, Sandwich Station order, or Naples-Style Pizza through the month of September, while supplies last.

Hatch-ified Creations

The Hatch excitement runs deep here at DLM, as our chefs are all abuzz discussing new Hatch creations to wow your taste buds once the Hatch craze sets in. Life is pretty spicy around here during our Hatch season as there are so many unique items you'll find throughout DLM that will feature Hatch Chiles as a key ingredient, so be sure to try them all.

DLM Hatch Chicken Breast

Hatch Chile Stuffed Chicken Breast

Featuring our air-chilled DLM Natural Chicken Breast filled with an umami-rich blend of smoked bacon, portobello mushroom, Hatch Chiles, and Hatch Chile cheese, the dish boasts big flavor.

Hatch Mac & Cheese

Hatch Chile Encrusted Macaroni & Cheese

We’re bringing the heat with this amped-up macaroni and cheese! Tender macaroni combines with a decadent cheese sauce and bits of Hatch Chiles to create the ultimate comfort food.

Hatch Cornbread

Hatch Chile Cheese Cornbread

Our classic cornbread is flecked with Hatch Chiles and savory Cheddar nestled within. Serve warm slathered with butter or alongside a hearty bowl of chili.

Find many more Hatch items in our stores. Just look for the Hatch signs!


Recipes to Hatch at Home

With such a short season, now’s the time to embrace the Hatch Hype! Roasted Hatch Chiles, with their smoky taste and slight kick, are a great way to crank up the volume on the flavor dial and enliven a number of dishes. In addition to being the perfect choice for topping burgers or adding to salsa, scrambled eggs, and more, turn up the heat in your kitchen by making these hatch-centric recipes at home.

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