We’ve Hatchified the Deli & Kitchen!

We can’t get enough of the incredible flavor and perfect heat Hatch Chiles are known for, so we’ve upped the spice level in some of our Deli and Kitchen favorites with these perfect peppers. Check out some of the new ways to enjoy Hatch Chiles!

Hatch Chile Potato Salad

Be sure to ask for a taste this month of Hatch Chile Potato Salad. All the flavor of our classic potato salad with the added flavor and little kick from our roasted Hatch Chiles.

Hatch Chile Elote-Style Corn Salad

If you haven’t tried the Elote-Style Corn Salad from our Deli, now is the time! For a limited time we’re offering Hatch Chile Elote-Style Corn Salad. Hatch Chiles meet the traditional smoky, sweet, spicy, and tangy flavors of Mexican Street Corn in this easy-to-eat salad.

Hatch Chile Chicken Quesadilla

We’ve introduced Hatch Chiles to one of our best-selling grab-and-go items to create the Hatch Chile Chicken Quesadilla. DLM’s all-white meat chicken, peppers, Hatch Chiles, onions, and Monterey Jack cheese have us savoring each bite of this tasty quesadilla.

Hatch Chile Encrusted Macaroni & Cheese

Encrusted Macaroni & Cheese + Hatch Chiles? Yes, please! Rich, cheesy macaroni and cheese studded with pieces of Hatch Chiles and topped with a buttery breadcrumb crust. Our Hatch Chile Enrusted Macaroni & Cheese has quickly become one of our favorites.

South of the “New Mexican” Border Dip

Dip into the South of the “New Mexican” Border Dip. Creamy and flavorful, this dip is a great addition to your game day spread. Scoop up every tasty bite with DLM Tortilla Chips and cheer on your favorite football team!

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