Tomato Sandwich: This Simple Sandwich is Sheer Perfection

Thought of as just another topping for your burger or sandwich, the humble tomato shines front and center in this unbelievable sandwich. A true southern staple, this sandwich begins with fresh white bread that’s slathered with a good mayo. Then comes the ripest local tomatoes you can get your hands on, finished with a sprinkle of salt. Voila! Trust us, this sandwich is a must-make for the summer season.

tomato sandwich photo

Yes, it would be delicious on all sorts of bread, like DLM Sourdough or Classic 10-Grain. Of course bacon would be good, but that makes it another sandwich all together. How about adding avocado or sprouts or lettuce or all sorts of other possibilities? I’ll admit it was hard to restrain myself, but I’m so glad I did.

This summer try making your own tomato sandwich with DLM Unbleached White Sandwich Bread and lots of Duke’s Mayo (a southern staple) on both sides. Then cut thick slabs of our ripe, local Amish heirloom tomatoes and sprinkle a little salt on them.
tomato sandwich

That’s it. So why all the hoopla? Some folks wait all year for the taste of this. One bite you will think to yourself, “Oh, I get it now.” Grab some extra napkins, as the local tomatoes are oh-so juicy, and savor every bit of this delicious summery sandwich.

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