The A-list: Gift Ideas for the Grill-Loving Dad in Your Life!

My father always loved to build things. Back in the 1970’s, he was well ahead of his time in creating an outdoor cooking station. In reality it was just a concrete slab extension off the covered patio, but it was specifically dedicated to his new grill and it was special to him because he had built it himself, complete with a dedicated gas line.

There’s something characteristic about men and open flame cooking. Maybe it’s the primitiveness of controlling the fire, the smell of the smoky seasonings, and the sounds of the sizzle, or simply the pleasure of time spent outdoors (usually with a cold beer in hand).  Dorothy Lane Market always has you covered in offering many gift ideas to celebrate the dad in your life!

Since June is all about grilling at DLM, we have the tools and gifts to go along with that DLM Local Grass-Fed Beef, starting with the all-in-one Grill Prep Station pan. This grilling accessory, designed for one-handed carrying, makes marinating and transporting food a breeze. Side compartments hold everything you need from spices and tools to beverages and sauces. Bonus … It’s dishwasher safe!

America’s Test Kitchen highly recommends OXO’s 2-piece Steel Grilling Set and yes, we’ve got ’em! The set includes a 16” dual-purpose turner with a beveled edge in front and a serrated side for cutting, as well as sturdy tongs for lifting and turning heavy meats.

The Jackson-Rosewood Steakhouse Knife Set boasts four generously sized stainless steel blades with rosewood handles. We suggest you pair a set with an Ironwood Cutting Board, a U.S.D.A. Prime DLM Natural Steak, and some Jack’s Grill Grilling Sauces.

Did I mention an ice cold beer? Not only is our beer selection one of the best in town, but you can pair your dad’s favorite 6-pack with the Double-Wall Stainless Steel IPA Glasses. Sold in sets of two, it’ll hold a chill while dad’s cooking.

Corkcicle also is back by popular demand! With a slip-proof bottom and easy grip sides, this iconic brand maintains a chill for up to 25 hours and gives new meaning to the phrase, “Never let them see you sweat.” Highly sought after designs were released earlier this year and the walnut canteen is sure to be one dad reaches for all summer long.

As we celebrate the unsung heroes of everyday life, stop in this weekend for inspiration. Dorothy Lane Market is certain to have something that conveys your appreciation for the man you admire most. (Selections may vary by store.)

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