Summertime is Sushi Time

Summertime is sushi time! Beautiful days are meant to grab a picnic blanket to enjoy a meal outdoors. So why not keep things easy and go with DLM Sushi? Our Sushi case is always brimming with possibilities and we pride ourselves on a sushi experience that is restaurant quality (aka, this isn’t your average grocery store sushi!). Try Spicy Tuna Roll and California Roll, for instance. Or, order something custom to your liking.



Authentic sushi is truly an art, and we quickly learned a few years ago that it all starts with a skilled sushi chef. We are beyond grateful to have such expertise when it comes to DLM Sushi.

Ingredient is the next secret to our sushi. Just like anything at DLM, we are looking to raise the bar, and sushi is no exception. We’ve always prided ourselves on sourcing the best and the freshest fish for our Seafood department. It only made sense to use that same philosophy for sourcing fish used for our Sushi, as well as other ingredients. Summertime is sushi time, so grab your blanket and soak in some sunshine with DLM Sushi by your side.

Learn more about our Sushi department here.

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