Spring Fling Pastry & Food Show

MAY 2 • 7-9 P.M. • DLM Springboro

In dreaming up a theme for this year’s Spring Fling Pastry & Food Show, coming up on May 2, our minds swirled with potential new directions and ideas. But when we really thought about the essence of the event, we landed right back to its humble roots.

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Spring Fling Pastry & Food Show started 15 years ago with a goal of spotlighting the hardworking, immensely talented, and passionate group of DLM pastry chefs who unleash their creativity with the selection of pastries we are fortunate to feature at the DLM Bakery. You see, they mostly work out of view of customers as they create wonderful masterpieces seven days a week. At our Spring Fling, they are on center stage surrounded by their edible works of art.

I’ve walked past the pastry case next to Scott Fox, VP of Bakery, on more than one occasion and heard him express “our pastries are world class.” With that said, we’ve landed on the perfect theme for this year’s show—Chef Showcase.

As you experience all of the stations, such as galaxy cakes made of mirror glaze, a plethora of flavored croissants, and an artistically rendered sugar sculpture, you’ll walk away knowing what we already do—not only are the resulting pastries and foods world-class, but so are the experts who make them. In addition, you’ll find a chef-driven selection of foods to round out the sweets with more savory bites. Join us at Spring Fling so you can see for yourself how these masterpieces are made.

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