Sandwich Station: The DLM Difference

The best sandwiches are a sum of all of their parts, so it makes perfectly good sense that our Sandwich Stations craft a lot of amazing sandwiches. We’ve got the best bread in town (learn about our Artisan Bread), our meats and cheeses are of the highest quality, and we source many of our fresh toppings right from our store.

The quality of all of these sandwich components is a big reason why I’m so happy that we recently brought in some really cool new ovens to our Sandwich Stations that elevate the overall experience. These special ovens use a high-heat convection that not only provides a more consistent heat, but also toasts that DLM Artisan Bread for a more fragrant and delicate crunch. Meanwhile, the proteins inside reach just the right temperature and the cheese melts to a bubbly brownness that’ll make you swoon! This is achieved without smashing the bread or squishing the ingredients, giving rise to a more impressive sandwich.

While we were at it, we also decided to revamp our long-standing menu, which was in need of a makeover. Look for new sandwiches as well as avocado toast and customize it just the way you like it. All of these changes pave the way for a more enhanced experience. Stop by our Sandwich Station and taste the DLM Difference in every bite.

Check out the full Famous Deli Sandwiches menu here!

6 comments on “Sandwich Station: The DLM Difference

  • Oh, man. That’s really a bummer. One of the cool things about DLM sandwiches was the unique combinations–sandwiches you couldn’t find anywhere else. This new menu reduces that element dramatically, keeping many sandwiches that are many of the same old standbys on many deli menus along with the standard “create your own” thing.

    1. Hi Tim! Although we’ve altered our sandwich menu, all sandwiches that we had in the past can be made or altered based on your preferences. And now we have even more delicious options and choices for customizing your sandwich. We’ll also continue to feature the “Sandwich of the Month” to highlight different sandwiches that are not on our traditional menu. Thank you so much for your support and for reaching out!

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