Chocolate Spoons

Chocolate Spoons

Looking for a fun gift idea for the kids to make and give this holiday season? Chocolate spoons are a delicious, easy to make, and thoughtful gift for your friends and family.


8 oz milk chocolate chips
8 oz white chocolate chips
Heavy plastic spoons
Wax paper
Colored sugar
Plastic wrap


Microwave and melt half of the white chocolate in one bowl and melt half of the milk chocolate in another bowl. Dip half of the spoons in white chocolate and dip the other half in milk chocolate. Dip them as far as the base of the spoon bowl. Place on wax paper and let them set completely.

When chocolate is set, dip the white spoons in chocolate, dip chocolate spoons in white. Dip only halfway up the bowl of the spoon to create a layered effect. Place back on waxed paper to begin setting. Let chocolate set only partially (about 5 minutes). Then gently dip spoons in sprinkles or colored sugar.

Wrap spoon in plastic wrap and tie with ribbon. Add a tag that says “Stir me into your coffee or hot chocolate”.

Adult supervision recommended

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