Spicy Lobster Pasta

Perfectly spicy, each bite of this pasta dish will have you craving more.

Lobster Nachos

This classic appetizer gets a gourmet upgrade with the addition of tender lobster.

Lobster Bisque

Succulent lobster and fresh herbs mingle in this luxuriously creamy soup.

Simple Lobster Stock

Use this flavorful stock in a variety of soups!

Lobster Salad with Avocado & Grapefruit

Refreshingly delicious, this will enliven your taste buds!

Lobster Pasta with Shallots, Tomatoes, and Basil

We're so excited to carry Cold Cracked Lobster from our friends at Ready Seafood. The meat is extracted from the shell without heat or steam, making it easy for you to enjoy the sweet flavor of lobster without the hassle of the shell. This pasta recipe embraces the delicate and succulent Cold Cracked Lobster.

Corn & Lobster Fritters

We can't get enough of these perfectly browned, succulent fritters.

Connecticut-Style Lobster Roll

Lobster and butter go hand in hand, and this lobster roll recipe uses simple ingredients to create a flavorful sandwich.

Lobster Hushpuppies

Crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, these hushpuppies are an awesome side for a number of dishes.