Brentlinger Sweet Corn is Here: Let’s Roast it!

Oh, happy days! We’ve got local non-GMO sweet corn streaming in from our good friend Ray Brentlinger, located in New Carlisle, Ohio. We barely have to whisper the name “Brentlinger” and mouths start to water. Sure we look forward to Brentlinger’s famed sweet corn every summer, but this year—watch out. We got us a corn roaster, and we’ll be debuting it this Saturday, July 14, at DLM Springboro, with it traveling to the other stores in the weeks to come!

Along with our cookouts, we plan on tantalizing everyone with hot, fresh roasted corn on the cob! After roasting the sweet corn, choose to have it served two ways. The Classic, with butter and salt, or Elote, also known as Mexican street corn, featuring roasted corn coated with cotija cheese, lime, chile powder, salt, cilantro, and a little mayo. It’s salty, cheesy, messy, and just darn delicious!

Look for us roasting Brentlinger Sweet Corn during the following dates:

11 a.m.–6 p.m.
July 14 • DLM Springboro
July 21 • DLM Oakwood
July 28 • DLM Washington Square

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