Lobstermania: A Tradition of Friendship

As we enter a first for us all with morphing our Lobstermania into a Drive-Thru essentially (Saturday, May 23, while supplies last), we are reminded of how grateful we are for friendship. Over the years, Lobstermania has brought people together for an annual feast the Saturday before Memorial Day. For us, it also has meant that our dear lobstering friends from Ready Seafood in Maine would come to visit, sharing their knowledge, exciting stories, and helping to hand out lobster at Lobstermania. Many times, this included Captain Curt and Michelle Brown, who have become an extension of the DLM family!

Even though circumstances make it so they can’t be here this year, that friendship beats strong. Although you all may be missing your annual big gatherings, we hope that by continuing our Lobstermania this year as a Drive-Thru (Get Details), that your household can still partake and that you will also pick up the phone and connect with your friends. With that said, Captain Curt and his crew sent the letter below to all of their friends they’ve made through Dorothy Lane Market, including you!

Dear Friends of Dorothy Lane Market,

This will be the first time in eleven years that we haven’t been able to make it out for Lobstermania. We are so bummed out. Over the last ten years, the visit to Dorothy Lane Market has become an annual tradition for us. When Michelle and I think of Memorial Day weekend now, we think Lobstermania, cottonwood, heat (relative to Maine), salty stories in the DLM Culinary Center, Chef Carrie and her amazing lobster creations, the wonderful Mayne Family and their great ties, seeing old friends, making new ones, and most of all, Jack Gridley, DLM’s VP of Meat and Seafood, and his family. Jack has been a great friend to us and we consider him family!

We will miss seeing you all this weekend, but we’re sure that you will have a great Lobstermania without us with this lobster that we caught here in Maine. We will be there in spirit (and in cutout). Don’t forget the clarified butter!

From Maine with lots of lobster love,
Captain Curt, Michelle, Finn, Clara, and the whole Ready Seafood Team



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