Journey to the Pacific Northwest: Nature’s Bounty Awaits

What’s not to like about the Pacific Northwest? From the beautiful rocky coastline to dense rainforests, the culinary treasures foraged from this region are thanks to its rivers and huge expanses of fertile farmland nestled between majestic mountains. Think salmon, halibut, and oysters along with hazelnuts, mushrooms, apples, world-renowned wines, and all sorts of summer berries. The list goes on.

Pike Place Market is often the highlight when visiting Seattle where the yearlong market caters to everyone’s inner foodie. Plus, there are plenty of gorgeous flowers and you’ll be delighted by the theater of fish being tossed to and fro.

Considered the birthplace of America’s coffee infatuation, the Pacific Northwest is home to nationally recognized roasters, boutique espresso bars, and the smallest pop-up stands alongside the road. One can find a good cup of coffee literally everywhere!

Wineries dot the landscape in both Washington and Oregon, along with craft beer, award-winning cheese producers, and artisan charcuterie maker Olympia Provisons. All of these are available right here at DLM.

I was lucky enough to go to culinary school while I lived in the Seattle region and had a blast going to the market to buy what was seasonally available. Afterward, I’d roll up my sleeves and get busy cooking. Living here in Dayton, I get the same vibe whenever I walk into work.

It’s nice to know that with DLM right down the street, we all can get a similar experience without boarding an airplane or trying to figure out how much it will cost to airship that salmon home. Plus, I don’t have to cram all of those Chukar Cherries in my suitcase anymore. Almost all of those quintessential ingredients and items are available right here at our local year-round market!

Earn Bonus Points this month on Pacific Northwest finds throughout our stores with the use of your Club DLM card!

Pacific Northwest Recipes

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