VIP Chocolate Bar Club - 6 Months

VIP Chocolate Bar Club - 6 Months



6 months
About the VIP Chocolate Bar Club

This VIP Chocolate Bar Club is the high-end monthly club for the grown-up chocolate connoisseur. Each month, we send three unique bars. All of these chocolate companies check off the boxes for using sustainable cocoa beans from trusted farmers along with traditional techniques married with modern technology. Perhaps, the best part is that they all taste incredible! You may want to start your own tasting notes guide to keep track of this rich world of cocoa beans. As with all of our clubs, shipping is included in the price. The only warning with joining this club is you will have an elevated taste for the finest chocolate in the country, but it's a great club in which to be.


The Thomas Keller K+M Extra Virgin Chocolate Collection: The superstar duo team of Thomas Keller, the famed chef and owner of Napa Valley's The French Laundry, and Manni Organic Olive Oil apply a unique chocolate-making process to single-origin cocoa beans to create a new dimension in bean-to-bar chocolate. The result is its signature silken texture, aroma, and flavor while boosting its antioxidant properties. In fact, studies have shown that their proprietary chocolate-making process retains three times the amount of antioxidants versus the common method. Made in Napa, California, this bar won a 2019 bronze International Chocolate Award. This month we will send the Milk Chocolate from Ecuador, Dark Milk from Nicaragua and Dark Chocolate from Peru.

Maverick Chocolate: This Chocolate is handcrafted in small batches from the bean to the finished bar in the historic Findlay Market in Cincinnati, Ohio. This month we will include The Prohibition Milk Chocolate, Fahrenheit 513 Dark Chocolate and 60% Dark Milk Chocolate.

Fruition Chocolate Works: This is a small batch craft chocolate company in Upstate New York. It all starts with selecting ethically sourced cocoa beans and using traditional and modern techniques combined. This month we will send Brown Butter Milk Chocolate bar, Hudson Bourbon Dark Milk and Spring Salted Dark Milk.

Wildwood Chocolates: This comes from Oregon and is truly special. On the back of each bar is an embossed nature scene to invoke the same sense of joy experienced wandering the scenic trails of Portland, Oregon. Wildwood Chocolates have won many awards for their artisanal bars and creativity. This month we will send Cardamom and Honey Caramel with Sea Salt, Marcona Almond and Salted Brown Butter Texas Pecan Brittle.

MilkBoy Switzerland Alpine Milk Chocolate: Thiscombines famous Swiss milk with the finest-quality cocoa beans from some of the world's best and most sustainable sources. The Milkboy brand dates back over 100 years to a small dairy in the Swiss Alps where the best Swiss milk originates. Every bar is made with only UTZ certified cocoa and Forest Stewardship Council certified paper for the wrapper. It is soy free and is non-GMO. This month we will send Crunchy Caramel and Sea Salt, Alpine Milk with Roasted Almonds and Finest Alpine Milk.

Charles Chocolate Co.: This is known for only using the freshest, highest quality and sustainably sourced ingredients. Based in San Francisco, CA, their obsessive dedication to finding the best chocolates has resulted in their emergence as one of the most acclaimed and award-winning lines of small batch artisan chocolates in the country. We will send 3 bars, Salty-sweet and nutty, caramel crisped rice and the unique pink chocolate bar with raspberries and pistachios.

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