Sugarfina Thank You Bento Box

Sugarfina Thank You Bento Box



1 Bento Box with 3 cubes
Sugarfina Thank You Bento Box

Show your appreciation with this Sugarfina Thank You Candy Bento Box (3-ct) filled with our favorite best selling Sugarfina cubes: 

Robin's Egg (Caramels)

Confetti Candy (Chocolate gems)

Bubbly Bears

Perfect for expressing gratitude and appreciation when words are not enough.  


Sugarfina Chocolate ConfettiIt's a party in your mouth with these tiny drops of creamy milk chocolate in a colorful candy shell. These pastel rainbow milk chocolate candies pair perfectly with these other two candy flavors.  Imported from Greece.

Sugarfina Robin's Eggs Caramels:  A rich and creamy caramel egg center is surrounded in premium dark chocolate, then dipped in a delicate candy shell. A little crunchy, a little decadent, totally smooth on the finish... these caramel eggs will have you tweeting sweet songs of joy. A favorite for caramel and dark chocolate lovers.  Made in the USA.

Sugarfina Bubbly Bears:  These classic Champagne Bears® are dusted with tart sugar crystals for a sophisticated taste that really "pops". Non-alcoholic.  Made in Germany.

Sugarfina Bento Box 3-ct wtih Chocolate Confetti, Bubbly Bears and Robin's Egg Caramels

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