Spanish-Style Charcuterie Cone

Spanish-Style Charcuterie Cone


Spanish-Style Charcuterie Cone

It's no secret that European trends, such as fashion, often find their way to our American culture. A notable food trend we are craving these days is the charcuterie cone craze, which has garnered quite a bit of buzz online.

These delightful, handheld smorgasbords of cured meats and cheeses are clearly on trend, but they've been a street food favorite much longer abroad. Picture the simple pleasure of strolling along Las Ramblas in Barcelona, Madrid's Plaza Mayor, or the beaches in San Sebastián and stopping to enjoy a flavorful bite of Spanish cheeses and cured meats. (Serves 4, cone not included.)  


This gift features the following Spanish cheese and charcuterie:

La Nava Jamón Ibérico

6-Month Manchego Cheese

Mahón Cheese

Covadonga Cheese

Firehook Baked Crackers

How to Make a Spanish-Style Charcuterie Cone

Craft your own trendy charcuterie cone with an assortment of artisan Spanish charcuterie and cheeses!

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