Seafood Lover's Grilling Kit

Seafood Lover's Grilling Kit



5 ct
About This Item

This Wildwood Grilling Kit has what you need to elevate your seafood grilling experience. We include some exotic spice rubs, cedar grilling skewers, cedar planks, and a Peugeot serving tray. No more fish falling through the grates—the cedar provides smoke and protection for delicate seafood.

Other Varieties

Wildwood Grilling Cedar Planks (8"x5") are the fragrance and spice of the Pacific Northwest. They pair well with salmon, other seafood, vegetables, and more. To add a spicy, fragrant flavor to food naturally, use these planks on the grill or in the oven. They are sourced and made in the USA.

Wildwood Grilling Cedar Grilling Skewers infuse foods with rich, smoky essence from the inside-out. The flat design prevents your kabobs from rolling or spinning when you turn them over. Made from Western Red Cedar sustainably produced in the Pacific Northwest. Set of 8.

Wildwood Grilling Hippie Gold Spice Rub features aromatic turmeric, rosemary, and thyme. This blend pairs especially well with fish and vegetables (even popcorn!). In addition to their beautiful flavor, these herbs also boast numerous health benefits. These signature spice rubs are original formulas that have been custom blended by Wildwood's executive chef. Focused on both classic BBQ and exciting world flavors, these blends will appeal to the home chef looking to elevate their meal in a convenient way. The rubs are salt and brown sugar-based and can be used on the grill, smoker, oven, or stove top.

Wildwood Grilling American Jerk Spice Rub is mildly spicy and sweet with a deep undertone of earthy espresso. This is a distinctive spin on a classic flavor profile that will keep you guessing on the exact blend. This jerk rub is formulated to pair perfectly with red meat and meaty fish, especially when cooked on the grill.

Peugeot Appolia Appetizer Tray is the perfect to carry all that incredibly cedar-smoked seafood from the grill to the table. It holds in those precious juices and makes a spectacular presentation. Peugeot Ceramics are from France and crafted with great care. You will find many uses for this hardworking beauty.

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