Pick Your Treats Gift Box

Pick Your Treats Gift Box



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  • Vosges Roasted Walnut Pecan Caramel Marshmallows (5-ct)

    Luscious marshmallow cream topped with a pat of soft butter caramel, cloaked in rich dark chocolate, and finished with walnuts and pecans.

  • Vosges Alderwood Smoked Salt Caramel Marshmallows (5-ct)

    Silky marshmallow cream and a square of decadent caramel are coated in milk chocolate and topped with Alderwood smoked salt for the perfect sweet and salty bite.

  • DLM Buckeyes (4-ct)

    Creamy peanut butter fudge is dipped in rich chocolate to create a top-of-the-line confection.

  • Charles Chocolates Ruby Chocolate Raspberry & Pistachio Bar (3.5 oz)

    The fruity notes of ruby chocolate allow it to pair wonderfully with freeze-dried raspberries and pistachios nestled within each bite of this artisan chocolate bar.

  • LaLas by Laura's Cookies (4-ct)

    A smaller version of the traditional Laura’s Cookie, this soft sugar cookie is topped with a mouthwatering almond-flavored icing and colorful sprinkles.

  • Esther Price Milk Chocolate Nonpareils (8 oz)

    Classic Esther Price Milk Chocolate drops covered in colorful nonpareils for a crunchy delight.

  • Ruby’s Chocolates Chocolate Candy JoySticks (2-ct)

    These salted pretzel rods are first coated in caramel and then covered with milk chocolate, topped with chocolate candies, and adorned with a drizzle of white chocolate.

  • Killer Brownie® Chocolatier Brownies (2-ct)

    Individually wrapped gourmet chocolate fudge brownies loaded with Ghirardelli chocolate chips.

  • Killer Brownie® Brookie Brownies (2-ct)

    Decadent brownie bottom topped with a buttery chocolate chip cookie. These brookies are the best of both worlds!

  • Kolsvart Piggvaren Sour Blueberry Fish (4.2 oz)

    These candy fish are a replica of a Swedish Turbot. With a fresh, bright blueberry flavor, these gummies are rolled in just enough sweet-sour powder to make you pucker.

  • Kolsvart Röding Raspberry Fish (4.2 oz)

    Getting its name from Röding (Artic Charr) because of their red color, these raspberry treats are the ultimate snack.

  • DLM Sea Salt Caramels (4 oz)

    These luscious caramels are crafted using traditional French techniques along with a touch of sea salt. They’re soft, chewy, and simply melt in your mouth.

Pick 5 to Create the Sweetest Gift

Our Pick Your Treats Gift Box is completely customizable making it the perfect choice for satisfying any sweet tooth! Starting with a scrumptious selection of Bakery goodies and premium candies, mix and match (5) five of your favorites for a personalized gifting experience. From decadent buckeyes and Killer Brownie® sweets to exceptional Kolsvart Swedish fish and more, tailor this gift to satisfy your cravings. These candies and treats are safely packed in a DLM gift box. Perfect for kids of all ages.



Average Customer Rating:

Nov 9th
Verified Purchase


- Linda (Ballwin, MO)

Dorothy Lane Market says:

We're so glad to hear this, Linda! Thank you for sharing your experience.

Oct 29th
Verified Purchase

I liked convenience of mixing up to five items. My grandson liked the non-pareils best.

- Marie (Dayton, OH)

Dorothy Lane Market says:

Thank you Marie for the feedback! We appreciate the order.

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