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Loison Italian Sweet Bakery Sampler

Loison Italian Sweet Bakery Sampler


This item is currently unavailable, but it will be back on December 1st, 2023.

Loison Pasticceri Sampler

One of the most exciting foods to make its way to DLM during the holidays comes to us from the artisans at Loison Pasticceri. They have been crafting panettones and classic Italian pastries since 1938, giving themselves a long-standing and delicious reputation. From sourcing high quality ingredients to beautiful packaging, Loison is one of our favorites. With this Loison Pasticceri dal 1938 Italian Sweet Sampler, an exciting gift for any foodie, we invite you to try a sampling of a mini Christmas panettone, a beautiful tin of Italian mini biscotti and a hazelnut Tosa.


What's a Tosa?: The Tosa "Bionda" alle nocciole e caramello salato is an artisanal cake with a classic identity, but with a modern and innovative taste. The tradition of the shortcrust pastry base combines with the exuberant flavor of frangipane with salted butter caramel cream and a soft hazelnut surface. The blend of caramel and hazelnut is enhanced by the natural Mananara Vanilla from Madagascar, a Slow Food presidium. The result is a fragrant cake with a strong and irresistible flavor, which, thanks to the selected ingredients such as PGI “Piedmont” hazelnuts, fresh cream, and eggs from free-range hens, restores all the "Made in Loison" passion and quality. Enjoy along a cup of coffee, espresso, tea, or cocoa.

Mini Panettoncino Classico: A classic mini panettone to enjoy with your favorite warm beverage. This classic Italian holiday favorite is rich, buttery, and delicious.  

Gift Tin of 20 Italian Mini Biscotti:  Bacetto, Cacao, and Maraneo tin biscuits are small and unique artisanal delicacies prepared with excellent ingredients and selected fresh butter. Individually wrapped, each biscuit remains fragrant and rich in flavour; an ecstasy of aromas and flavours that arouses multi-sensory sensations. Cookies are perfect when paired with a good coffee but flawless on any occasion, from breakfast to tea time.

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