Loison Panettone Regal Cioccolato 600g

Loison Panettone Regal Cioccolato 600g



600 gr
Regal Panettone

The perfect holiday gift for any chocolate lover! Loison Panettone Regal Cioccolato features a soft, spongy dough that’s infused with real Madagascar vanilla, studded with artisan chocolate morsels, and filled with a rich dark chocolate cream. Plus, it’s perfectly packed in a decorative gift box making this panettone gift ready!

Serves 4-6. Made in Italy.  


As you enjoy a piece of Loison Panettone, you’re met with great flavor and a product rich in history and Italian holiday tradition. Using top-of-the-line fresh ingredients, like eggs from free-range hens, milk, butter, and cream along with carefully sourced fixings, like Italian sugar and artisan chocolate, Loison has perfected crafting panettone. This cake-like bread is the perfect accompaniment for tea or coffee.

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