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Loison Colomba Classica 1,000 g

Loison Colomba Classica 1,000 g


The Sweet Taste of Italy

Loison Columba Classica is an Italian Cake made by means of natural fermentation of sourdough, with an irregular oval shape, reminiscent of a dove. The dough is soft and light textured, enriched with orange peel from Sicily, covered with Italian almonds icing and grains of sugar.  The artisanal Colomba is a traditional Italian Easter cake that is made from the natural rising of the sourdough. Loison Colomba cakes are crafted according to the original Italian recipe hence preserve all their original aromas and flavors

Serves 6.

Pro tip: Use it to make the best French toast.


The secret of Loison's Colomba cake lies in fine selected ingredients and 72 hours of patient work. They take their time and pay attention to every step of the baking process in order to preserve both quality and flavors of all our leavened products. As a result, we bake soft spongy delicacies that are also easy to digest.  Today, like yesterday. Grandpa Tranquillo’s old recipe has been passed down from one generation to the other.  The sourdough starter is the result of the spontaneous fermentation of wheat flour, water, milk and fruit that were blended and set aside. This is where the columba gets the slightly sour-smelling and tasting natural yeast that makes our leavened products soft and easy to digest.  As in the old tradition, our artisanal Colomba cake is made with the sourdough. Loison kneads the dough then let it rise for a number of times after a portion of the starter dough has been fed with water and flour. The secret lies in the experience of the baker.   Finally, they deliver the Colomba cake in elegant packaging solutions created by Sonia Design.


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Apr 9th 2022
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