Heavenly Turkey

Heavenly Turkey



8.5 lb
About Our Heavenly Turkey

Heavenly Turkey is a one-of-a-kind delicacy: a spiral-sliced smoked turkey breast from turkeys raised right here in southwest Ohio. Why is it so special? It starts with the best local turkey raised without antibiotics and is fed a non-GMO diet. It is then slow cooked for 10–12 hours in an old-fashioned smokehouse with a select blend of hardwood chips to achieve this succulent flavor that you makes this centerpiece dish a star! Did we mention the crunchy, spicy-sweet glaze?


DLM Difference: Our Non-GMO Free-Range Turkey

A few years ago, through our partnership with Bowman & Landes, we debuted our Non-GMO Project Verified DLM Free-Range Turkey. Learn more about the turkey that’s the talk of the town!

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