Ghyslain Acorn Box

Ghyslain Acorn Box



Ghyslain Acorn Box

Chocolate Sculpture: Hand-painted and entirely edible, the milk chocolate acorn box sculpture includes an assortment of four hand-painted chocolates from Ghyslain’s Fall Collection inside. Selections chosen randomly.

Fall Collection Flavors: Gianduja, S’mores Chocolate, Fig & Pear Jam, Maple Chocolate, Caramel Chocolate and Butterscotch Bourbon.


Ghyslain Chocolatier is an artisanal chocolate maker in Union City, Indiana. Master Chef Ghyslain Maurais was born in Quebec, Canada, honed his skills in France and has been crafting his art of chocolate in Indiana for many years. His chocolates, macaroons and pastries have been showcased in our bakeries and stores and we are pleased to offer his chocolates online for all to enjoy!

20 Years of Partnering With Ghyslain Chocolatier

It was nearly 20 years ago that Ghyslain Maurais, chef and renowned chocolatier, crossed paths with DLM'S Scott Fox, VP of Bakery & Coffee Bar, and the rest is history!

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