Fra'Mani Spicy Italian Smoked Sausage

Fra'Mani Spicy Italian Smoked Sausage



12 oz
Fra'Mani Spicy Italian Smoked Sausage

Add some spice to your life with Fra'Mani Spicy Italian Smoked Sausage! These coarse-ground, Calabrian-style sausages are crafted using prime shoulder cuts of fresh pork, hot and sweet pepperoncini (dried chili peppers), fennel seeds, salt, and garlic. Grill, pan-fry, or bake these fully cooked, gluten-free links for quick, flavorful dinner.


Fra'Mani hopes to improve the life and environment of farm animals and farmers by only using humanely-raised pork from family farms who meet their strict requirements. The animals must be given access to fresh air, never crate-bound, fed a 100% vegetarian diet, and given shelter for a natural habitat. 


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Apr 6th
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Best sausage!

- Calvin (Springboro, OH)

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