Elegant & English Afternoon Tea

Elegant & English Afternoon Tea


Elegant & English Afternoon Tea Gift Set

Afternoon Tea is a daily tradition in England and for good reason.  How lovely to stop for a few moments each day and treat yourself to a spot of tea. 

We may not be able to do this every day, but when time permits, please enjoy a collection of Elegant & English Tea Biscuits, Rishi Earl Grey Tea and Savannah Bee Honey. This tea set will encourage you to stop and take a break to rejuvenate. Cheerio! Enjoy:


Rishi English Breakfast Tea Sachets: English Breakfast Tea is a classic British blend combining the finest black tea.
Elegant & English Apple and Custard Tea Biscuits: The most comforting baked apple flavour with a smooth custard taste that cries out to be tried with Earl Grey.
Elegant & English Chocolate Raspberry Tea Biscuits: An ideal pairing for tea because of its fruity raspberry flavor and rich chocolate.
Savannah Bee Honey: One of our favorite honeys from Savannah, GA.

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